Tape Tree

by Tape Tree

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    Self-titled ten track debut album in limited edition green cassette. Lyrics printed on reverse of inlay card.

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released May 30, 2016

All songs by Jack Chappell
Produced by Jon Foulger
Mixed by Jon Maher

All instruments Jack Chappell
Except cello Lins Wilson
Some programming and keys Jon Foulger



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Toy Soldiers
How do you survive
Your first year
Here's a hundred ideas
Number one
Don't live in fear

You're surrounded on all sides
By toy soldiers
Looking for a Hero
But there's no room here

For the foot wears out the shoe
And the soul wears out the mind
And the heart must pause to breathe
Love itself
And have a rest
Track Name: Championship Wrestling
A mushroom cloud
Upon a chest
A hero to beat them
A hero in a vest
A hero to beat the man
They all detest

It' my turn
It's what I've earned
Give me a shot
Watch and learn

What would I give
In the name of entertainment
A puff of smoke
Flashing lights
A villain to beat them
A villain in a mask
A villain to beat the man
They all protest

The growth
High fliers
The women
Wild, weird and Wonderful
The finishing touch
Track Name: KK+JK IDST 1974
Take off your top
And wait for further instructions
The priest said to the nun
I am Jesus' son
I'm going fishing
I do it for fun

It's me and you
Is not the man for you
My bags are packed
And I'll go

My ball and chain
The sweet smell of the rain
Trees are hard as nails
If all else fails
I'll take my chances
I'll take my chances
Out there

It's me and you
If KK is still the man for you
Say the word
And I'll stay
Track Name: Animals With Watches
I wish you could ease the pain
It hurts seeing your face again
When I was little
All I really wanted
Was one of them red and yellow cars
Like Benzy's round the corner
From my Mam's flat
I never got one

I went on my first date
I took a girl called Charlotte
To the pictures in Shieldfield
She wanted salty popcorn
I conceded

Do I wish that I'd made
Different choices
Well perhaps
But, I'll survive

When I was a teenager
My Dad sat me down
And told me I had a brother and a sister
I knew nothing about
It affected me psychologically

Do I wish that me Dad
Had made different choices
Well perhaps
But, I'm alive

The thing about choices
Is we all have to make them
but how many of us
Are conscious enough
We're animals with watches
Who don't take the time
To watch what we're doing
With some presence of mind

Do I wish that I'd made
Different choices
Well perhaps
But, I'm alive

What time is it now?
Track Name: Faithful Hound (Death's Breath)
What do we say
When we feel death's breath
At our necks

Dearly beloved
We're gathered here
To celebrate the life
Of our departed friend
The necromancer
Dancing on his grave
The stains remain
As the institutions fail

What do we say
When we feel death's breath at our necks
Not today

I don't mean to be a prophet of doom
But could you spare some room down there
Throw him on the coals
Seal him up
Don't let the ashes float away
To be repatriated

What do we say
When we feel death's breath at our necks
Not today
The pain from an old wound
Reminds me of you
Track Name: Gratification
Eat a piece of shit
Like an apple or a pear
Wearing your best underwear
When I was seven
I wanted to be Superman
Well now I know I can
Give it up
For the fallen soap star
I want to drive a mid-range car

Follow me
Follow me over
Follow me

Am I a pattern or a trend
Am I a foe
Or am I friend
Am I fun
Am I sexy
Am I cool
Or am I just a bellend

Follow me
Follow me over
Follow me
Over here
Over there
Over where
Track Name: English Is My Second Language
I'll meet you by the broken bench
Where we try to mend our broken hearts
With our broken fingers
I've made all of these mistakes
A million times before
I don't feel like a legend
I feel like a fraud
I'm just an actor
Playing a role
I need to heed my own advice
But I blow hot air into the sky

The sound of my screams
Will be played in a loop
In your dreams
Remember me
The way we were
When things were good
Track Name: I'll Be Your Eyes
I'll be your eyes
As we float downstream
I'll be your eyes
In a dream within a dream

I'll be your eyes

What happens
Happens twice
When I look
Into your eyes
I see myself
So here's to your
Good health

Bury me in snow
Retrace the steps
Pretend to be someone else
Parallel bars
Rust to the bone
The Minotaur calls
No one answers the phone
When you look through the lens
Raise a glass
To absent friends
Track Name: Merchant Navy
Get a job
I've got a job
That's not a job
Merchant navy
25 years
That's graft
You're a parasite

Who are you?

I've telt you three times
Aye well, fuck off
Track Name: Have You Heard The Good News?
God's in the bath
Lathering up
Having a laugh
The ducks smile to his face
But curse behind his back
He sees it all
He hears it all
You only call
When you want something
He goes to the bottom of the garden
Sheds a tear

I gave you life
You thanked me
I gave you love
You didn't trust me
I gave you choice
You attacked me

Have you heard the good news?
He's back

The obstacle is not the problem